The Keeper is a natural gum soft rubber cup that is worn internally during your menses as an alternative to disposable tampons and pads.
The Moon Cup is the younger sister and made of medical grade silicon.

Both menstrual cups can be worn confidently anytime including overnight and during sports.
Since it holds 30 mls (entire average monthly flow approximately 90-120 mls) your menstrual cup needs to be emptied only a few times a day and can be worn up to 10 hours.

keeper cup plus fold

The Keeper and Moon Cup are simple to use. Just empty the cup as required, rinse and reinsert.

The Keeper has been available since 1987 and has all the safety checks with Health departments worldwide and a life expectancy of 10 years with proper care.
The Moon Cup is FDA accepted.

There are two models available: 

Model A – suitable for heavy flow, for all women over 30 years of age and all women that have experienced vaginal childbirth

Model B – suitable for light flow, and for small women under 30 years of age that have not given vaginal childbirth

Heavy flow Normal to light flow
Over 30 years of age A A
Under 30 years of age A B
Vaginal Childbirth A A
Ceasarean Section A B

 A Cup – has a diameter of 48 mm and is 53 mm long. The soft rubber is slightly more flexible comparing with the B cup.

B Cup – has a diameter of 44 mm and is 53 mm long. The soft rubber is a little less flexible comparing with the A cup.

The size is imprinted inside the bottom of the cup. The stem is 25 mm long and can be trimmed to a comfortable length. If the stem is in between your labia, trim it so that no part of the stem is outside your vagina. Cut the stem a little at a time until you find a comfortable length.