“I bought a Keeper from you over a year ago and am extremely pleased with it. After having children I was having difficulty keeping tampons in despite my best efforts to improve my pelvic floor but the Keeper has proved to be 100% effective. I also love the fact that there is nothing to be disposed of and have found it invaluable while travelling. What a brilliant product!’ (Gil, via the Internet, Jan 08)

“I have had my keeper for around 6 months now and I LOVE it. I travelled throughout India and it was a blessing. I love it so much in fact I am interested in distributing them throughout my university and to friends, is this possible? I just want as many people as possible to share this amazing product.” (Liz, via the Internet)

“I bought the keeper a few months ago and I would encourage every woman to give this a try. In my experience the keeper has been more comfortable and safer to wear than an average tampon. I am hardly aware of having my period with the keeper. It is also cheaper and great for water sports (or any sports for that matter) plus good for the environment. I wish every woman could find out about this excellent product!” 
(Kaz, via the Internet)

“I bought the Keeper a while ago. I am writing to say that I am very happy with it and will be telling my friends about it. It has taken some getting used to but I am really pleased that I made the decision to give it a try, and I will not be going back. Thanks!” (Rebecca)

“I do a lot of aquatic sport and The Keeper is just ideal… Had I known this was available I would have been using it for years, and so would a lot of other women.”
(Susie, via the Internet)

“I have used The Keeper for 3 months now and it is the greatest invention for women since sliced bread. It is soooo convenient, no messier than using tampons, no waste, no cost after initial purchase”

“Great to see The Keeper is known here. I’ve had mine for 7 years and I wouldn’t be without it. I travel a lot and it goes everywhere with me.”
(Canadian tourist, Salamanca market, TAS)

“This is my third period with The Keeper and I am comfortable with it – and I am discovering that I feel less pain from cramping during the 3 days of flow. Very little pain compared to when I was using tampons. Could the severe pain during the menstrual flow be partly due to wearing tampons? What chemicals are in tampons? And are those chemicals leaching into our systems through the walls of the vagina?”

“I have recently purchased a Keeper and have just used it for the first time. By the second day I had the hang of using it. At first I was a little unsure about it and had some doubts in my mind, however by the end of my cycle I was amazed at how effective and comfortable it was. I even felt confident using it in public toilets.” 
(Amanda, Newcastle, NSW)

“I have been using The Keeper for the first time and wanted to tell everyone how pleased I am with it. I haven’t been able to use tampons for years and am sick to death of the discomfort and restrictions of pads. This is such an advantage for our environment. Where can I find information on selling/distributing the product?

“The Keeper is practical, saves money and is absolutely invaluable when you are travelling. I went backpacking through the highly environmentally sensitive “Walls of Jerusalem” in Tasmania. All rubbish has to be taken out and dumped and I was so relieved I didn’t have to spend the week lugging soiled sanitary wear around with me. It’s essential if you’re doing a long trip overseas to remote areas where sanitary protection is expensive and/or unavailable.” 
(Beverly, Sydney, NSW)

“I have been using the Keeper for about 6 months now – I love it! It FEELS so much cleaner than tampons and eliminates any smell. Thank you for making this product available.” (Kristie)